Ready for some change?

Whatever your company’s situation, we provide immediate
operational solutions to help you manage change.


Focused on your business.
Interim Management
Sometimes a company needs someone to step in and manage part or all of the business.
Project Based Consulting
When you need help and coaching to manage the problems. From vendor workouts to delivery problems, we’ve helped resolve many different kinds of issues.
Performance Improvement
Simply dealing with the problem isn’t enough. Solid performance improvement will help avoid future issues and improve overall results in good times as well as bad.
Project Management
For specific issues that may not affect the entire company.
Graph of improvements


Running a company when times are good is straightforward. Not always easy, but it can be done with existing skill sets and capabilities. When major issues arise, the need for significant change demands a different approach.

There are a lot of reasons why a company ends up in distress: poor economy, loss of a key customer’s business or large receivable, or even very rapid growth just to name a few. Creative Processes understands the nuances of the change process and will help you navigate the best solution.

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