The best outcome in talking with us is discovering you don’t really need our help. The worst is finding out you needed it weeks or even months ago. Either way, you don’t have much to lose by talking to us now.

Interim Management

Do you need to fill a key role in the firm with a skill set that isn’t currently available in the firm? These assignments range from immediate need to a planned but temporary requirement. Reasons might include crisis management, replacement due to loss of an employee, or a short term need for certain skills on a short term basis.

Project Consulting

Consultants can be a great resource for special projects where the resources don’t exist in the firm. We can take on a wide variety of projects directly or act as a coach to develop the resources needed in house.

Performance Improvement

We have a deep experience in a wide variety of improvement methods. We also believe strongly that true continuous improvement can only be accomplished and sustained through the efforts of all employees. The development of a culture of improvement takes time, patience and leadership. We can help facilitate the journey in many ways.

Project Management

A successful project delivers the expected result on time and within budget. Changes are inevitable, but the need for timely and cost effective results never goes away. There are many reasons why projects don’t deliver as expected but the key requirement for getting them back on track is leadership. We have stepped in and rescued a wide variety of projects.