We understand our clients’ issues are happening now and the immediacy of these issues, ranging from rapid growth to financial distress, bring a unique set of challenges that demand individualized solutions.

Creative Processes designs an engagement to fit the unique needs of our clients. We frequently take an interim management position in the firm and work from there to effect the changes necessary. At other times, we are brought in on more of a project basis. In either case, the critical characteristics of our approach include collaboration, transparency, professionalism and integrity.


A consultant should be a partner who helps your firm change and make progress in the right direction. We work with business owners and principals to make sure these changes are in the best interest of the firm. Together we identify the issues and plan the course of action that best addresses the challenges at hand.
Change happens through people. While we realize that many of the decisions needing to be made are personnel sensitive and require privacy. Wherever possible we stress the importance of working closely with the entire team, from the shop floor to the executive suite.


Bad news doesn’t get better with age; that’s why Creative Processes practices joint execution. We keep track of the work we do and share it. Critical decisions are reviewed and action taken when everyone is aligned on the execution. Experience reveals that everything from collaborating to define the initial scope of the engagement to open-forum progress reviews help foster a relationship of trust and understanding. While the goal of the project is ultimately to phase out the consultant, this approach often results in an ongoing relationship pursuant of preferred vendor status.


We hold ourselves and our colleagues to high standards.


We will not compromise your integrity or ours for any reason whatsoever. Many of the situations in which we work are stressful and require difficult decisions. Temptation can be a common problem. Nonetheless, laws, rules, regulations and ethics exist for a reason.